Course access to students

Ensuring students can access courses efficiently is crucial. This documentation outlines three methods to grant course access to students.

Method 1: Editing User Profile #

Procedure #

  1. Creating a New User: Begin by navigating to the WordPress dashboard. From there, proceed to add a new user.
  2. Modifying User Details: Locate and select the user to whom you wish to grant course access. Proceed to edit their details as needed.
  3. Assigning Course Access: Within the user’s profile, look for the section labeled “Products/Courses”. Here, you can select the specific course or courses they should have access to. Remember to save your changes to the user’s profile after making your selections.

Method 2: Direct Purchase on Website #

Procedure #

  1. Navigate to the Course: Direct the student to navigate to the desired course on your website.
  2. Add Course to Cart: Student adds the course to their cart.
  3. Checkout Process: The student proceeds through the checkout process, providing necessary information and completing payment.
  4. Access Granted: Upon successful payment, the student gains immediate access to the purchased course.

Method 3: Manual Order Placement in WooCommerce #

This method is useful for students who have already paid through an alternative method.

Procedure #

  1. Access WooCommerce: Go to your WordPress admin dashboard, then navigate to WooCommerce.
  2. Orders Section: Click on ‘Orders’ then ‘Add Order’.
  3. Customer Details: Add the customer details manually, including their email address.
  4. Add Course: In the ‘Order items’ section, add the course that the student has paid for.
  5. Set Status: Change the order status to ‘Completed’.
  6. Create: Click ‘Create’ to finalize the order. The student will receive an email confirmation and gain access to the course.

Method 4: Sharing a 100% Discount Coupon #

Distribute free access to a course through a 100% discount coupon.

Procedure #

  1. Create Coupon: In WooCommerce, go to ‘Marketing’ > ‘Coupons’ > ‘Add Coupon’.
  2. Coupon Details: Fill in the necessary fields, setting the discount type to ‘Percentage’ and the amount to ‘100’.
  3. Usage Restriction: Optionally set usage restrictions and limits for the coupon.
  4. Publish: Click ‘Publish’. Share the coupon code with the student.
  5. Student Redemption: The student can select the course, proceed to checkout, and apply the coupon to access the course for free.

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