Coupon Code

Coupons in WooCommerce provide discounts to customers purchasing products from your online store. This guide will walk you through creating a new coupon code.

Procedure #

Step 1: Navigate to WooCommerce #

Log into your WordPress admin dashboard. In the left sidebar, click on ‘WooCommerce’.

Step 2: Access Coupons Section #

Under the WooCommerce menu, click ‘Marketing’, then select ‘Coupons’. This section manages all coupons.

Step 3: Add New Coupon #

Click the ‘Add Coupon’ button. It redirects you to the ‘Add new coupon’ page where you can create and configure your coupon.

Step 4: Configure Coupon Details #

Fill in the necessary fields:

  • Coupon code: Enter a unique code that customers will use at checkout.
  • Description (optional): Add a description for internal reference.

Under ‘Coupon data’, configure the following tabs:

  • General:
    • Discount type: Choose between percentage discount, fixed cart discount, or fixed product discount.
    • Coupon amount: Set the value of the discount.
    • Expiry date (optional): Set an expiration date for the coupon.
  • Usage restriction (optional):
    • Set minimum spend, maximum spend, individual use only, exclude sale items, and other restrictions as needed.
    • You can also configure which products or product categories the coupon is applicable to.
  • Usage limits (optional):
    • Set usage limits per coupon and/or per user.

Step 5: Publish the Coupon #

Once you have configured the coupon settings, click ‘Publish’. Your new coupon is now active and available for use by customers.

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